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Steele Body Cooling Vest
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Twenty-five years ago Sandra Steele was asked by her customers to invent a body cooling vest.  At the time there was nothing on the market except a bulky insulated vest with 52 packets of frozen water, and a pricey high maintenance re-circulating system.  The criterion for the vest was exacting.  It had to be affordable, reusable, washable, ergonomically friendly, provide core cooling, be lightweight/user friendly, and fire retardant.  Steele Inc. incorporated all of these elements into a product we named The SteeleVest.  The vest worked excellently and received instant recognition upon introduction.


Within a short time the SteeleVest was in place in countless industries.  Soon the Military took it over for use on naval vessels as well as ground operations.  Years of intense physical testing by many government facilities proved the efficacy of the SteeleVest in controlling body temperatures during high heat and work rates.  Copies of the test reports are available on request.


Many other Steele cooling products have followed such as ice belts, wrist, neck & head coolers, as well as hat, bra, & pillow coolers.


The SteeleVest body cooling system is simply the best cooling system on the market today.  It has stood the test of time, and continues to be the standard by which all other systems are measured. 


Steele Inc. is a family run business that ships worldwide and has an outstanding reputation for supplying high quality products.  In 25 years Steele Inc. has rarely been backordered, and has received the highest vendor rating from the US Government as well as Letters of Commendations by the Royal British Navy.