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Zohdi Rizvi
Works at TalentsIn
Attended ICFAI Business School, Ahmedabad
Lives in Allahabad
Currently engaged in building the Online Social Talent Acquisition platform for India (

I am Zohdi, grown up in the city Allahabad. Since childhood I have an altogether kind of curiosity and creativity in myself as my parents told me, that none of toys remained toys when they came in my hand, as I used to break them, open and screw all their internal parts, re-assemble them and give them a new functional life. I was never a topper at my college, but I had echoed the strength of my intellectual capabilities at different junctures of life. I still remember the days when I was of teenage, during 5th standard, I led my college cricket team on playground, imitating favorite cricket stars on the ground. There too I used to come up with strategies and won the matches through careful planning and execution of my experience.

I am a keen observer, I love hair-splitting, getting to the depth/or core of issue and finding the underlying hidden reason behind any problem. This might be due to the fact that I was born in September, as famous Astrologer Linda Goodman proclaims that these traits are common in any Virgo guy/gal. I took my studies like a venture, have a specific ambitious goals in my mind to execute. At the age of 18, when I graduated from A level or intermediate or 10+2, I took one year explaining to my heart whether can I be a doctor for the world who could save a life? But luckily I found that being a doctor I could save only less life but being a business leader I would not only save life but can also give those lives a pertinent hope for advancement and growth in both their personal and professional life. With this aim in mind, I pursued bachelors in business management (a 3 years graduation program of Integral University Lucknow). During the course, I found several subjects that touched my interest. The interesting point was that I was naive to both computers and management. Till 10+2 I have no prior acquaintance with computers or management because of the fact that I was a student from science background dissecting frogs and finding the xylem and phloem of Angiosperm plants.

I took good amount of interest in subjects that my graduation course had offered at that time and came up with 3rd rank all over university securing a certificate of honor and a monetary prize from the university. I got the pulse of my life back with that hint of success and I continued the caravan of my hope further and set many other records for myself. Eventually I realized that I was being seduced heavily by computers and its internal applications. They used to come up in my dream, secretly romancing with me, hinting me to come on date with them and discover the beauty in them. I took this fancy dream of dating with the fairies of binary world and wander in that world. The beauty hidden in that world is beyond my dictionary of words but what I can say is that I felt as If they were the most honest, caring and gentle touch of my life.

I graduated with strong concentration in e-business, the world that has opened many possibilities for me. Also at that time the world of e-business was a very nascent concept for others but what I felt at that time has come true today, and the fact is before you that e-world is now dominating most of our life. There is plethora of opportunities around us both in business life and personal to extract from this e-world. 

Having graduated from bachelors, I had the feeling that I can be the next leader of my own world. The world where people would treat me as a messiah, the guiding force or an inspirational personality that has the remotest vision of the pioneering revolution in the industry and to further to compliment this dream, I moved my caravan into the arena Master of Business Administration..There too I witnessed many odds and even of life, struggled but got foothold on my mission path and now this is the day when I am at a distance of few months (January 2011) when I would be feeling proud to be certified as "Master in Business Administration"

Stay blessed and Stay happy…!
Thank you
MBA in Marketing and e-business
Bragging rights
Bagged various certifications such as Inbound Marketing Certified from IMU Cambridge, SEO Certified
  • ICFAI Business School, Ahmedabad
    MBA in Marketing, 2009 - 2011
  • Integral University
    BBA in e-business, 2006 - 2009
Basic Information
Other names
Sayyid Husain Aejaz Rizvi
Co-Founder & CEO at TalentsIn
  • TalentsIn
    Co-Founder & CEO, 2011 - present
  • Kitaab Market
    Founder & CEO, 2010 - 2011
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08/09/1986 - Allahabad - Lucknow - Ahmedabad